Changing the Order of Sermon Series

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When you go to add your sermon series, you often want to start with the latest series and work your way back in time to add several of the previous series. As a result, the sermon series may be displaying on your website in reverse chronological order, since that was the order you put them in as. Let’s show you a few ways to fix that.

Changing the published date

The most straight-forward method is to change the published date on the sermons to reflect the order in which they actually occurred. The specific time and date you select doesn’t matter as much as simply making sure they occur in chronological order. You may want to simply set them all to noon on the date of the first Sunday of each series. There are two ways to change the published date.

Changing the published date in the main sermon series editor

  1. In the administrative area of your website, navigate to Sermons > Sermon Series so that you see the full sermon series listing.
  2. When you hover over each individual Sermon Series, you should see a few options appear under the title.
  3. Click on Edit.
  4. On the right side of the Sermon Series editor, you should see a Published on: date. Click on the Edit option next to that date.
  5. Change the date to the date required to put the Sermon Series in correct chronological order.
  6. Click OK
  7. Click Update

Changing the published date in the Sermon Series listing

Some values can be edited directly on the post listing pages within the administrative area using the Quick Edit function.

  1. Visit the Sermon Series listing page by visiting Sermons > Sermon Series in the administrative area.
  2. Hover over the Sermon Series you’d like to edit. Click on Quick Edit.
  3. Change the published date to the date needed to put the Sermon Series in the proper chronological order.
  4. Click OK
  5. Click Update.

Use the drag-and-drop post ordering feature

For connect cards, we’ve installed a plugin that allows for drag-and-drop ordering in the post listing page. This requires a bit more setup to get started, but it may be worth it for the time you will save if you need to re-order a large number of posts.

  1. Enable drag-and-drop post ordering for the content post type by going to Settings > Post Ordering
  2. Select Sermon Series to enable.
  3. Go to the sermon series listing at Sermons > Sermon Series and drag your series into the correct order.
  4. Visit the pages on your site where the series appear, such as the sermons page, and you may see that they still aren’t in the order you want them in. That’s because the page builder is still set to display them based on published date. We need to edit the post module that displays all the posts and change the Order by setting to “Menu Order” and the Order to “Ascending”.

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