Add New Sporting Events

Last Updated: 3 years ago

Note: You must be a league manager, sports event manager, or administrator to be able to edit league schedules. If you need your user permissions to be changed, be sure to request that change from your site administrator.

  1. Login to your website. Scroll to the bottom of the website. If you aren’t already logged in, there should be a link to the login page there. If that link isn’t there or doesn’t work, just add wp-login.php  to the end of your home page URL and that should direct you to a login page.
  2. Visit the dashboard. Once logged in, you should see the admin bar at the top of the screen. Hover over the settings icon in the top right corner and click on the Admin Dashboard link. You can also visit your website and then add /wp-admin  to the url directly after the main domain. Example: 
  3. Go to Sports > Events. Hover over the Sports menu item in the left navigation menu. Click on Sporting Events. This should take you to the list of upcoming sporting events. Example:
  4. Add a new Event. To manually add a single event, click on the New Event button.
  5. If you wish to import several upcoming events, you can import a CSV file using the Import Fixtures button. (Note: The Import Events button is to import completed events with scores.) You may do that by uploading a .csv file. Be sure to format the .csv file with the correct header rows, and make sure the team names match exactly as they are entered into the website database.

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