Add a Planning Center Form to my Website

Last Updated: 8 months ago

Planning Center does not allow us to embed their forms directly in the content of our websites and apps, however, they do provide a script to open it in a modal popup window. Here’s how you can do that:

  1. Make sure the Planning Center integration is enabled on your website.
    In your dashboard, visit the Settings > Integrations page and make sure the Planning Center integration is enabled. This will add the Planning Center script to your header.
    Note: You can also manually add the script into your <head> if you prefer.
  2. Add the Planning Center modal URL parameter to your link.
    In the page builder or block editor, you can add a button, image, or text link to your form. At the end of the form URL, add ?open-in-church-center-modal=true to the end of the URL.
  3. Publish your post or page.
    Also, be sure to test your results in an incognito/private window.
<!-- Planning Center Integration Script -->
<script src=""></script>

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